"Artists’ Book Fair Liverpool" and "WRAPPED and encased IN LIVERPOOL 08"‏

I'll be represented in "Artists’ Book Fair Liverpool" and I'll be collaborating with All Brain at "WRAPPED and encased IN LIVERPOOL 08"during this weekend.


It's a cardboard envelop life story.
As an envelope, it served to transport some content, we don't know from where and neither the destination where it was going...
The content this envelope transported in the past was so special to the person who received it, that became a very important object.
The object acquired a special meaning. The strong ties between person and object took to a constant presence in his life.
Objects can be impregnated with presence. Metonymic object is a presence or an absence. Every object touched by the loved being's body, touched by the person whom we are mourning, transform itself, becomes part of that body, the subject attaches himself to it. Gestures of fetishism. It will impregnate everything it comes in contact with. Memories. Sentimentality.

Later, when its function was finished, its life as container no longer existed, was prepared to keep functioning in some way...

A new life begun. Living in a rural environment, it was transformed as basis on top of a stone, to serve as a seat, where is owner would rest in the end of a hard work day.

Ana Efe+All Brain 2008